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Valencia rejected alternating race idea - Barcelona
Wednesday 11 January at 06:35 : Jan.11 (GMM) Valencia reportedly turned down an opportunity to safeguard Spain's presence on the F1 calendar by alternating an annual date with Barcelona.

Bernie Ecclestone confirmed last year that Spain's two races could in the future share a single annual date.

But this week, it emerged that - amid the European economic crisis - both Valencia's street circuit and the permanent Circuit de Catalunya could lose the support of their respected authorities and fall off the F1 calendar altogether.

On Tuesday, Catalonia government Francesco Homs was quoted by Marca sports newspaper as recalling that the idea of alternating a single race with Valencia was raised last April.

He said the proposal was rejected by Valencia.

Homs did, however, assure journalists that this year's Spanish grand prix in Barcelona, scheduled for mid April, is safe.
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