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New full-time driver for F1 medical car
Tuesday 31 March at 10:00 : Mar.31 (GMM) The official formula one medical car has a new full-time driver

Late last year, Alex Wurz and Sebastien Buemi stepped in to drive the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Estate, reportedly because its regular driver, Dr Jacques Tropenat, had fallen ill

It is not known why Tropenat, a former Le Mans driver, has not returned to the role in 2009, but last year he was promoted to become the FIA's deputy director of medical affairs

At Albert Park last weekend, 29-year-old South African race driver Alan van der Merwe made his debut as medical car driver, and he will remain in the role for the whole 2009 season

The former BAR/Honda test driver landed the job due to his links with FIA official David Lowe, who was formerly van der Merwe's team manager at the Carlin British F3 team in 2003

Van der Merwe has also raced in F3000 and A1GP, and in 2006 was Honda's driver for its Bonneville land-speed record attempts
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