22 September 2014
Column Marc Limacher: When Hamilton and Alonso claimed Senna
Twenty years after his death, Ayrton Senna remains the model of two drivers Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton. One and the other seeking three championships pilot world. A quest worthy of the absolute.

When, last year Sebastian Vettel won his fourth world title in a row, the temptation to see the German pilot target the championship record of Michael Schumacher (7 titles) has crossed their minds. The Red Bull driver has also not hidden his desire would be to match (not to exceed) Schumacher.

But for Lewis Hamilton, currently leading the drivers world championship in 2014, the goal is to get only three titles. On the TV channel Sky Sports F1, Hamilton admitted that his ambition would be to get as many titles as world champion Ayrton Senna, before the end of his career.

Even ambitions for Fernando Alonso. The Ferrari driver confirmed what he had said in the Spanish press in 2007 Get three titles and leave Formula 1. As Ayrton Senna. This approach was shown internally at Maranello. So we have a double world champion driver (Alonso) who would like a third title before retiring and a pilot struggling to become double world champion (Hamilton) and has the same career goal.

An interesting statistic. Fernando Alonso was three times vice world champion, Hamilton only once. The Spaniard has not won a title since 2006, Hamilton since 2008, the largest gap between second and third championship of the world is held (active season) Jack Brabham (six seasons). The average between a second and a third way being about four seasons. Fernando Alonso started his eighth season in 2014, no title.

More interestingly the gap between first and second as Graham Hill is also 6 seasons (1962-1968). Average of 2 seasons. Hamilton begins his sixth season without a title.

Ayrton Senna behind the picture hides a meager goal for Hamilton and Alonso. The Brazilian champion had a personal goal: 5 ou 6 world championship titles, 100 pole positions and 60 career wins. Unfortunately, neither Alonso nor Hamilton claiming the idea of meeting the challenge of Senna and honor his memory. The advance their careers pushing Hamilton and Alonso to the idea of a third title. Forgetting the ambitions of Brazilian driver sadly died on 1 May 1994.

Marc Limacher